Day School Wait List Application


  1. Please read and complete entire application.
  2. A non-refundable fee of $25.00 is required for placement on the waiting list. Submit the completed form, and then mail a check payable to The Branch Academy (please include your child’s name and year of interest in the subject line) or send $25 online to our Venmo (@branch-academy) account.
  3. We give tours on a scheduled basis in the late fall or early winter preceding your child’s school year of enrollment.  Each year, we start the enrollment process by reaching out to the first few families on the wait list with an invitation to join us for a tour.  As we work our way through the wait list, we add open house tour dates for additional families.

Day School Wait List Application

  • Parent 1 Information

  • Parent 2 Information (Optional)

  • Other Information

By submitting this form, I acknowledge the following:

  • It is my responsibility to notify The Branch Academy of any changes to this information.
  • This completed waiting list application is not a contract to enroll at The Branch Academy.
  • I have read The Branch Academy Parent Handbook, understand the school regulations and guidelines, and wish to place my child on the waiting list for the program.
  • On or before the designated deadline, a valid DH-680, Florida Certificate of Immunization, is required for school entry and attendance.
  • If a space for my child becomes available, I will be notified by phone or email.